Friday, April 30, 2010

My weekly random thoughts...

Here are this weeks random thoughts of mine. Hope you can relate...

I've been starving all week but I keep telling myself size 4 here I come... lol
p.s. I'm not starving myself... I just haven't had bread or rice the past couple of days

I just purchased a pair of cargos from Jcrew and I am this close to exchanging them for a size down in hopes to give me motivation to lose these inches...

Is it me or it's quite annoying when people try waaay too hard? I mean, be yourself, your "REAL" self. Please stop trying to impress others with all the hoopty-lah that you presume to make people think that you have this laaavishing life...

I love SIMPLICITY... the simple the better.

Remind me to never buy anything full price at Baby Gap, it never fails that a week or two later that it will surely go on sale

I'm excited for the new SATC2... and the most anticipated Eclipse! It gives me goosebumps when I see the trailer clips!

I'm so excited to see how Max's invites turns out... I love being crafty so these invites are made especially by his mommy.

I'm ecstatic that my uncle who just underwent prostate surgery is doing well!

That's it for now, please stay tune for next weeks random thoughts... in the meantime I shall continue with my Pilates workout. XOXO

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crazy for military jackets!

The past weekend, my hubby took me to Downtown SF to do a little shopping at one of my favorite stores Jcrew. We decided to split up while he checks out Men's Bloomies, Max and I will be in Jcrew. Baaad idea, I must of ran over 10 different toes while browsing through the sales rack with Max's stroller. Many of the ladies understood but as for me, I was just utterly embarrassed. Sorry, but I seriously couldn't help myself with Jcrew having a huge sale and all. The sale included embellished tees, pants, blazers, jackets, and accessories.

I went straight for the jackets and immediately the military prints caught my eye. Yes, it's almost summer time but the Bay Area's weather is pretty much unpredictable. I love the refined, masculine look accompanied with feminine blouse and accessories. Here are some of my favorite looks at the moment...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Diet Motivation

I recently started my diet and I'm on Day 3. My diet consists of no carbohydrates which means no bread, no rice, no cereal, and no sugar. While I write this, I'm already craving the following things Sprinkles cupcakes, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, Thai Tea boba, Korean BBQ with rice, and Sushi Maki rolls. This can't be good...only on the third day and I'm already longing to have carbs in my mouth. Hopefully it will get better in the next few days (Sigh). In addition to my dieting, I decided to add some exercise such as Pilates and walking around my neighborhood while strolling my Max around. Trying to lose the last 15-20lbs of this baby weight has been the most difficult especially coming home from a vacay consist of eating, which did not help my diet in anyway or form. Sure it took 9 months to gain all this weight but geez, I wish it would take 1 month to lose it all. It's hard to compare yourself to celebs like Kourtney Kardashian who was able to lose all her weight in just 4 months and back to her beach body.

It's quite motivating when you see yourself and the self confidence isn't there. If anyone has seen that show Kendra from E! I can totally relate to her. It's hard when you can't fit into any of your old clothes and you just see flab everywhere. LOL I just tell myself one day at a time and hopefully by Natalie's 1st birthday I can be at my ultimate goal of 115-120lbs.

Below is a photo of a "Before Me." In the upcoming posts, I will blog about my diet results and along the way post some pictures of my transformation (hoping to achieve some results). You can obviously tell which one is me... LOL Below is a picture at my biggest (in my opinion), after all the eating and binging.
I am wearing Marc By Marc Jacobs tunic, H&M leggings, Banana Republic Sandals, and RayBan Shades.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Food Obsession

We're baaaack! For the past week, we've been in Los Angeles for my sister's birthday celebration. It was indeed a much needed vacation. While we enjoyed every eatery spots out there, I'm in a way relieved to be back home. Home sweet home. During our time in Southern Ca we ventured high and low to find some of the most comforting food, yummiest food trucks, Asian fusion at it's best and the sweetest desserts any food lover can ask for. I've compiled reviews of some of my favorite joints we visited for your viewing pleasure.

Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles: Everyone who's been to Los Angeles has been or heard about their famous chicken & waffles. Once you take that very first bite of the piping hot fried chicken together along with the sweet, vanilla infused waffle, your tongue honestly will feel like they're in heaven. It's always a must stop for us despite the aftermath has you feeling of food coma. I highly recommend the Carol C. Special with gravy on the side. My hubby also loves their sweet candied yams!
Kogi BBQ: We followed the trucks 4 times and out of the 4, 3 we we're successful. Need I say more? It was one of the best and most unique food I ever had. We had it 3 days straight and one of the days, we decided to have it late night but with 120 people ahead of us and the crisp night, we decided to forgo and try again the next day. I tried the short rib tacos and the short rib burrito. The tacos we're good but the short rib burrito was out of this world. The burrito was filled with short rib BBQ, eggs, noodles, hash brown and pickled veggies. My tongue was dancing! The only thing I recommend is if you're not an onion lover, ask for no onions!
Diddy Riese: I've been here before and the very first time I was very disappointed. I decided to give it another try. This time, my cookie was much softer and it definitely satisfied my sweet tooth. $1.50 for a cookie sandwich is quite a deal but parking price was insane. It kinda defeats the purpose of the $1.50 ice cream sandwiches and the $0.39 cookies.
Griddle Cafe: I've never been to a more loud & live diner like Griddle Cafe. While the savory food was good, the sweet pancakes, waffles & french toast we're even better. I highly recommend the strawberries and cream waffles (light & airy waffles accommodated with the fresh strawberries and whip cream hit the right spots) and the Nutella french toast (to die for esp if you're a Nutella lover). My only thought was Griddle Cafe is not recommended for the kiddies. Not much room for high chairs and the music is too loud for their small eardrums.
Piccomolo Italian Ice Cream: Everyone who knows me, knows how much I love gelato. It's one of my favorite desserts and this spot did not disappoint. Located in Old Town Pasadena. Although, it was very small (not stroller friendly) and pretty much a hole in the wall (almost walked pass by it) the home-made flavors surely made up for it. My favorites we're the Pistachio and Hazelnut flavor. Absolutely yummy!
Soowon Galbi Korean BBQ: Hands down one of the best Korean BBQ restaurants I've been too. The servers we're super polite and attentive. The restaurant was clean (a must), baby friendly and best of all the food was amaaazing. The little sides you get we're all you can eat and I loved their Korean pancakes and potatoes. We ordered the Combo B which consisted of Brisket, Pork, Steak, marinated meat. My favorite was the brisket and we'll definitely be back here the next time we're in Southern Ca.
Porto's Bakery & Cafe: I can always rely on Porto's for the best pastries. Not only the prices are reasonable but the variety is abundance. This time instead of the traditional Cheese Rolls, I opted for the Spinach & Feta danish which was savory but a fresh taste on the palate. I also recommend their potato balls (don't forget the Tapatio hot sauce), chocolate croissant, horchata shake and their ham and cheese croissant sandwich. A must stop if you're in the Burbank or Glendale area!
Milk Cafe: After finding this cafe on yelp which was highly reviewed, I couldn't wait to try it. On our last night, we decided to give it a try. We ordered the Toffee macaron ice cream cookie sandwich, the Strawberry shortbread ice cream bar, Ice Cream Sundae, the Blue Velvet cake, and the bite size red velvet cupcakes. All was good but on the pricey side. Each ice cream concoction was $4.50-$6.00 and the slice of blue velvet was $5.00 and each bite size was $0.75 and literally bite size. Although it quite hit the sweet spot, I doubt I'll be back. I definitely my Sprinkles cupcakes a lot more. =)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Can't sleep...

So here is a post about my husband and why I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him...

Cause he always manages to make me laugh with his goofy expressions and his sexy dances. (LOL I'm laughing as I type)

Cause even though I will ask him where or what he wants to eat I will take us where I want and order what I want. I'm just asking to be polite but he always manages to agree with me...

Cause he drives me to any mall I need to go too and never complains.

Cause he gives me the best kisses any girl can ask for...

Cause he always washes the baby's bottles and once again never complains.

Cause he will come with me to watch all the Twilight series in theatres on the opening weekend inspite of crazy, obsessed teenage girls...

Cause he's the most kindest, un-selfish, most giving person I know...

Cause he always gives me his most honest opinion and no beating around the bush...

Cause he'll take me to get Sprinkles Cupcakes whenever I want

And because he loves me and Max more than anything in this world...

Wedding Inspiration

Lucky for me I was able to get married on one of the most beautiful location on the entire island of Oahu. My husband and I fell absolutely in love with one design that brought all my ideas and inspiration come true. I tracked down the designer of this wedding and emailed her right away. I mentioned how I would love the following details and would love to incorporate the same style to my wedding but using different color schemes. I received an email with a price quote and came to realization how pricey this wedding was going to be. Fortunately, the designer Yvonne Florals was able to work with my budget and capture my dream wedding which brought it to life. She created dining canopies and created a lounge area for my guests which gave everything a nice touch. Did I mention she was on Platinum Weddings who designed a gorgeous pink and taupe wedding? In the upcoming posts, I will show you exactly how my wedding came about...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Weekend Soiree

Oh yes! A much needed weekend getaway here we come. My sister has planned a little trip down South for her 27Th birthday which consume of eating, shopping, exploring, eating did I mention eating? Which we all know is not good for my little diet of mine but who can resist Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles, Kogi Bbq, Diddy Riese, Father's Office, Umami Burgers, Yogurtland, Milk...??? Binge eating sounds so delightful especially with the people you love! LOL

This will be Max's first trip away from home and I'm quite nervous on how he will react to the new surroundings. Everyday this past week, I have been packing hoping I don't forget anything. It also doesn't help that we have very little space in the vehicle which does not allow me to bring some of his essentials such as his bath tub. We also cannot take his favorite things i.e. swing and bouncer. Can you tell how nervous I am??? I guess I will just hope for the best.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random Thoughts...

For the past week, I've been going back and forth with the events manager in regards to the venue for Max's baptism luncheon. We finally compromised on a menu that's within my budget. Once I got the news that they can work with my ideal price, I suddenly hit cloud 9. This all reminds me of my wedding planning moments dealing with vendors. I can't help but to love this industry.

Speaking of events but a couple of days ago myself along with my sister and cousin's girlfriend had a very interesting conversation. Perhaps a controversial some might say but to us, it's down right rude when you come to a formal party and you bring a guest and you give less than what your meal actually cost. C'mon people, get with the program! Would you go to a restaurant and pay $50 but you actually spent $75-$100? More than likely, you will be considered cheap but I'm sure these people already know this about themselves. Not to argue that we are grateful for them even attending, it's just the principle.

This May I get to celebrate Mother's Day and my one year anniversary! I still can't fathom that I'm a mother and a wife. A mother to the most handsome little fella who's a carbon copy of his handsome daddy. I wonder what my hubby has in store for me... (I also wonder if he's going to read this?) I hope so! LOL

I started reading the Twilight saga again hoping to re-live them by the time Eclipse is released. I'm not even close to completing Twilight. Parenting is quite consuming but I can never trade Twilight over my son despite how obsesses I am with it all.

I cannot wait to get back to my pre-pregnancy body. I know I won't exactly have it all back, but at least hoping to fit into my jeans again. I refuse to shop while being over weight. Oh how I long to be skinny again. Btw, excess skin is soooo gross! Pilates, here i come. (Ugh...)

Last random thought for this week. Is it me or this April has been gloomy compared to last year? This weather is not helping me get into the work out mood let alone has me baking chocolate cake! No bueno...

Monday, April 12, 2010

2 months!

My lil' man is officially 2 months and boy has he changed! I can finally figure out his cries whether they are hunger pain or he's just exhausted in needing of a nap. My husband and I are finally getting the hang of this parenting stuff. For the past three nights, he's been sleeping through the night and waking up around 6 A.M. for feedings. I'm crossing my fingers that this will stay! He is smiling a lot more and cooing as well. There are no words to describe how much I'm in love with my baby boy! =)
2 month appointment status includes:

Weight: 12 lbs 14 oz.
Height: 23.5 inches
Head circumference: 16 inches
He received four immunizations including 3 shots which he didn't like too much. Poor lil guy.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Indulges...a girl can dream right?

What else other than a Hermes Birkin bag? Maybe I'll take
just about everything that Olivia Palermo has in her closet.
Wouldn't that be grand???

YSL Sandals - I love the cognac color. Do you see the price?

Balenciaga Sunglasses. Love them!
Cartier Watch

Tory Burch leopard flats

Last but not least...a box of Sprinkles cupcakes =)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Baby fashion fever

My son is now 2 months old and he's big enough for me to start dressing him up with the cutest little outfits. I am absolutely addicted to shopping for little Maximus. I can't help but to dress him with the most adorable little pieces. This spring I noticed that baby rompers are quite popular this season as well as different bold patterns. I'm also in love how my sister dresses my little niece with bright colors and not the typical matchy matchy pieces. Recently, I went on a shopping rampage at Baby Gap, Bloomingdale's and surprisingly Old Navy. Here are a few that I'm currently eying for the next shopping trip and some I have already purchased.

These are some of Natalie's essential pieces for this spring. She practically lives in crawler skirts and would look adorable in the baby rompers for girls. I can't wait till summer and get to see my Maximus and Lily pie in their bare arms and legs!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Black and white

Spring has officially arrived especially here in California. Days are longer, nights are shorter and the past week has been quite warm. Whenever I see cherry blossoms bloom, it reminds me that spring is in the air. When we talk about warm weather the first thing come in mind are spring dresses. How I love to shop for dresses. I have collected some of my favorite black and white pieces for 2010 spring line of great designers as well as affordable ones. I can't wait to do some shopping especially after losing some of this baby weight. Here are some of my favorite looks for spring and the upcoming summer. You also might notice a trend here. I'm loving the loose, curve friendly dresses as oppose to the tighter pieces.

Mink Pink

French Connection



Forever 21