Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My five things...

Hope everyone is enjoying the gloomy rain storm as much as I am. I love rainy days, days like these are great for blogging.

I have decided to work on a list I would love to accomplish one day. I have to admit, not all these items are easy to achieve... hey, a girl can dream right?

I have put together a list of five things I want to do in this lifetime:

1. One day (while I'm still young) make a living off something I love to do and do well. If this thing could be event planning, well, that would be just grand.

2. Give Maximus brothers and sisters

3. Buy my husband Golden State Warriors court side season tickets (my love truly deserves this and much more)

4. Have a house overlooking the ocean

5. Instead of worrying so much rather seize and enjoy each moment

Friday, February 19, 2010


I've been MIA in the blog world for the past couple of weeks... for VERY good reasons. I finally had my baby boy! Stay tuned for the birth story but for now... I rather not get into it. I have a sleeping baby right next to me which I'm very afraid he might wake any minute, which may cause me to save my post and come back to it once I have the time.

Since having my baby... I am no longer thinking about the latest Louis V bag, the huge sale at Bloomies, the dress I can't live without at French Connection, the restaurant I'm dying to eat at, or my Edward Cullen Twilight obsession. Instead I find myself preoccupied on when the last time I fed my son, or how I'm in desperate need of a wipes warmer, or how much diapers you go through in one day.

After having a baby, I now realized how my life has completely changed. I know it's so cliche when other mothers say that "It's no longer just about me" but I now understand what they mean by that . I just experienced one of the best things any woman can possibly experience...

With that said, as a new mommy, here is a list of baby stuff that I can't live without:
  • Pacifiers
  • Dr Brown bottles
  • Playtex Drop In bottles
  • Playtex Genie
  • Bright Start Bouncer
  • Fleece swaddlers
  • Good Start Gentle Formula
  • 3 months sleepers (he outgrew NB's in 1 week - he's a long baby)
  • Pampers swadlers
  • Wipes warmer
  • Newborn Mittens
Things we've tried and didn't work out too well:
  • Arm's Reach Co sleeper (he now sleeps b/w mommy & daddy)
  • Huggies (experienced our 1st blow out - gross!)
  • Breastfeeding
  • Enfamil Formula
  • Socks (his feet are still too tiny)