Thursday, January 28, 2010

How am I going to bring SEXY back?

Going back to my previous post... being pregnant and all, this past week, I have been really thinking about my pre-pregnancy body. Yesterday, I whipped up the old wedding pictures that took place back in May and realized how thin I was compared to how I look now. Gaining almost 50lbs I'm not sure if or when I will be able to lose every pound I've gained throughout the past 9 months. Losing all this weight is probably going to be my biggest obstacle this year and I give myself till June the latest July to get back to my old self. It will be veeery difficult but this is what I plan to do...
  • Breastfeed at least for a month or longer if I produce more milk
  • Count my calories and limit them to no more than 1500/day
  • Take walks around my neighborhood with the baby
  • Absolutely no fast food, soda, or sugary drinks
  • When I get the OK from the doc, I will start doing Pilates
I get jealous of myself when I look at these old pictures... Old meaning just the past year or 2...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

9 months preggers... yes indeed!

How far along? 38 weeks 6 days
Total weight gain: 50 pounds =(
Body Changes? Belly is just huuuge. It's beyond uncomfortable. Gaining a lot of weight in my face and thighs. Not sexy people!
Sleep: Peeing a lot which is difficult since getting out of bed is not so easy. Always tired. Most nights, I can't even turn my body without being in pain.
Best moment this week: Hearing my baby's heartbeat at our weekly doctor's appointment. It's currently in the 140's. Lost 1lb from last week.
Gender: Boy
Food Cravings: Honey bunches of oats with fat free milk.
What I miss: Not feeling so uncomfortable...I hate this. Being skinny. McDonald's Hazelnut Ice Coffee and a Togo's turkey and cranberry sandwich.
Symptoms: Sore crotch, peeing every hour, back pain
Movement: He is so big I can feel his butt stick out and the painful kicks in the ribs. Ouch!
What I am looking forward to: Meeting our son for the first time and being able to work on my fitness to get back to being healthy and skinny. LOL
Milestones: I'm in the single digits...only 8 more days to! My doctor would consider inducing me 41 weeks which makes that February 12 (Stos' bday)....I just hope he comes before then, only because of what other's have said about the painful feeling of being induced.

What's the worst about planning your wedding...?

Not everyone will agree with me on this one... but I honestly thought the hardest part of this wedding planning business was finding "The Dress." Yes, it took countless hours, days, weeks, and months. Ok, ok I'm a bit over exaggerating, it actually took me about a month to find my dream dress. To my surprise I found it! Although the budget issue was a different story.

As a matter of fact it was just last year in the beginning of the of January 2009 when I finally made the big purchase. I started looking in end of November and made a lot of progress. It came down to 3 dresses that I absolutely loved. This was based on researching on the Internet of course.

Here we're my 3 options:

Elizabeth Fillmore "Starlet" Retail: $3750

Melissa Sweet "Lia" Retail: $4500

Priscilla of Boston Vineyard "Rhapsody" Retail: $1750

I went dress shopping for 3 whole weeks. Each weekend, I made appointments and was able to ask my now hubby to drive me to downtown SF. My very first experience, I actually went on my own to Alexander Bridal and tried on the Lia and Rhapsody dresses. I was able to try on other dresses from Romona Keveza and Vera Wang which we're absolutely gorgeous but well over my budget. One advice to you ladies... do not try dresses that are over your budget. You will regret it if you decide to fall in love with one of them. I learned the hard way.

I also had an appointment with Saks Fifth Ave to try on the Elizabeth Fillmore dress. I only tried that one dress and my bridal consultant was double booked and so she hurried to help me get in the dress. Once the dress was on, I absolutely fell in love with it. Needless to say... I had no doubt in my mind which dress I would be getting, not to mention I got it on sale! Saks's bridal boutique was unfortunately closing down and I got the dress for 50% off!

As for my gorgeous bridesmaids, they wore Jcrew. Yes, I'm a Jcrewholic and I absolutely love their wedding attire. They have the cutest style and the most accommodating colors any girl can ask for. So flattering and yet so affordable. Love Jcrew!

The girls wore the cantaloupe retailing at $160-$175

Wedding Planning... Moi?

I had 6 official months to plan a wedding... Not just any other wedding, but a wedding located on the island of Oahu. Please keep in mind, everything was researched through Internet and the help of Hawaii Knotties. Without the amount of research I've done or the help of other women who planned to marry in Hawaii or had already been married in Oahu, I highly doubt my wedding would have been a success.

First thing first, location.. location.. location! This was by far the most difficult decision both the hubby and I had to make. Not too mention the most easiest decision we made. Once we seen this amazing location, we knew right away that we had to get married here.. and we did. =) We had already booked the location and our photographer with the original date of September 25th, but due to the date changes, it was difficult to agree on a date due to scheduling conflicts and booking issues. At the end, everything worked out and a May wedding it was.

We chose to get married on an amazing piece of landmark on the island of Oahu, 20 miles from Honolulu on a remote area called Lanikuhonua. Isn't it a beauty!? It might look familiar to you... Halle Berry's new perfume commercial was shot at this very location.

Life has changed...

My very first post... seems intimidating if you ask me, but here you go! Enjoy stalkers! j/k =)

I didn't think I can plan my dream wedding in 6 months... But in this particular case it was a must! Initially, the wedding date was set for September 25, 2009. Up until the day I received a phone call from my little sister. I still remember exactly how it went down as if it was just yesterday. I was at my then fiance's house, on the bed, studying for nursing school when I received the "Phone Call." For some reason, by the tone of her voice, I knew exactly what she was going to say. And she said it, "I'm pregnant!" Of course any big sister's first reaction that her little sister is pregnant would be disappointment, especially growing up very traditional. Traditional I mean by getting married first, then having a baby. That's just the way it goes with our family.

I was not only shock but amazed. I never told anyone this but a week prior to this, I had a one of those crazy dreams. This dream involves my little sister announcing that she was pregnant exactly at this very situation. Situation meaning in the middle of my wedding planning. Crazy I know! After getting off the phone with her, I realized that this pregnancy would indeed effect my wedding. The pregnancy certainly caused the big "D" word drama, but in the end, she made her decision and the very best decision I might add. This pregnancy not only blessed us with the most cutest, bubbly niece anyone can have, but it changed my life as well. We decided to move the wedding to May 2009 and also resulted in a baby baking in the oven. My oven that is...