Sunday, December 5, 2010


So I have once again abandoned my poor blog. If it makes any difference the holidays have made it very difficult to just sit down and write. I know, I know that's not a valid excuse but excuse my absence. I'll definitely try to make up for it on the next coming posts. Since my last post, I have celebrated my 29th birthday, Thanksgiving, me and my hubby's together forever anniversary (we've been together for 7 years in the dating years), and Maximus' 10 month (this does not even include all the other events).

During the past weeks, I have spent most of my time working, trying to plan my bubbah's first birthday and not too mention all the Christmas shopping. I am proudly to say that the planning is just about done with exceptions of tiny little details that will need to be managed when the time arrives. I'm just about satisfied of the final designs of his invitations and I decided to go with a Superhero theme - Super Max to be exact!

Aaand with all these events going on, my hubby and I are in the process of finding a place of our own (I'm so picky, I just hope it's not an impossible task). Don't get me wrong, I like living with my parents in this big house and the convenience of a baby sitter, however, my hubby and I love our privacy even more. It was nice that my parents helped us save, but I cannot wait to finally just be on our own. I am even more excited to start shopping for furniture (stay tune for more post on this).

Till the next post, I leave you my last crappy Blackberry photo of Maximus (I am now an Iphone user)... 10 month photo of my big bubbah! He doesn't like the flash :)