Friday, August 19, 2011

Fall Accessory Craze...

Sadly it's almost the end of summer while it was good while it lasted, I'm secretly excited for the upcoming fall season. Fall is one of my favorite season, second to summer of course. The smell of pumpkin brings me the most absolute joy! Time to hide those TB Thoras and bring out the Revas!

Fall seasons means layers and layers, not just with blouses but with accessories!!! I'm currently loving everything from Belle Noel (inspired by Kim K's jewelry line), Jcrew, House of Harlow, Bloomies Aqua and even Forever 21! I have a few pieces already and just ordered a few more online and can't wait to get my hands on them...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Best things in life

I was inspired by reading LC's blog about the best things in her life, and I love reading these little things that makes other people happy. So why not make a list of mine... =)

1. Waking up next to my two loves (hubby and son for those who don't know me personally) hehe
2. Finding fabulous sales and when you get to the register it's marked off even more
3. Fall season which means yummy Starbucks lattes and the smell of pumpkin goodies
4. Laughing till you cry and almost peeing in your pants LOL
5. Tapioca Express (boba drink) on a hot day
6. Catching up on The Real Housewives or my reality shows while the baby is finally off to bed (guilty pleasure)
7. The sound of rain when you're tucked in bed
8. Sprinkles cupcakes
9. Reaching your destination on the plane for a paradise vacay
10. When family gets together right before a big party you're planning

Thursday, July 21, 2011

If only...

I was tall, skinny and looked like this... (Ha, I wish! lol) Two words: Bad Ass... Time to get those Citizens of Humanity Trousers out and lose these extra LB's. =/ Btw, I looove the denim shirt. I've been hoping for Jcrew's shirt to go on sale... Hurry already.

Pictures via Apartment#34

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sweetest obsession

For anyone who knows me, knows that I have a huge obsession for all things sweet, thus my love for baking. I have the sweetest palette and my weight definitely shows that! LOL Sorry but I always leave room for dessert no matter how full I am. I have the biggest sweet tooth and I guess you can say that's why I have the biggest passion for baking and designing dessert bars. I would love to share my absolute favorite desserts with you so you can see what my obsession is all about. Enjoy!

1. Sprinkles Cupcake - My ALL time favorite cupcakes. I can live off these babies, it's worth the hype and then some. You gotta try the banana, red velvet and mocha! Beyond scrumptious!
2. Molly Moon's of Seattle, WA - Coffee and maple walnut had us coming back for more! Literally... twice in one day!
3. Paulette's Macarons in Beverly Hills, CA - I'm so sad that the one in SF is no longer Paulette. They had the best chocolate, pistachio & raspberry just to name a few. $20 for a dozen sounds pricey but every bite is worth it.
4. Peter's Bakery in San Jose, CA - My favorite cake hands down. Light and not too sweet.
5. Anthony's Cookies in SF, CA - I haven't tried a cookie that wasn't good. LOVE this place!
6. Waoila Shave Ice in Oahu, HI - I can't get over how refreshing their azuki bowl is. I searched far and wide in Ca for something similar but nothing comes close.
7. Tapioca Express in Union City, CA - My absolute favorite of them all. No matter how cold or how hot the weather is, I'm always down for a milk tea boba. It doesn't hurt that it's only a couple of minutes away. =)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I moved again...

For the third time in my blogging experience, I decided to change my blog name. I promise this will be the last time. My first name was A Sugary Soiree but had to change that because we were in the process of creating a little business which almost had the same name. So I had to come up with something quick for my blog and decided on Charms and Cupcakes which never really stuck on me. I have now come up with something very simple and definitely something I can stick with. I came up with my Twitter name.. Love Lissie. Simply me. For my followers, please follow me here...

Terrible nights...

The past two nights has been awful for the hubs and I. My 17 month old has not been feeling himself needless to say he's been feeling horrible. He's been waking up from a cough and congestion and been uncontrollably crying. The night before, he even vomited all over himself, it was not a pretty sight. My eye bags are probably in full effect as I type!

Last night was even worse, he woke up and cried and coughed his lungs out. We tried everything to calm him down but it seemed like he would get aggravated even more. At one point, he was even pretending to cough to get our attention and of course crying at the same time. To calm him down my Hubby turned on the TV and put on his favorite shows (we tried everything and even giving him a bottle so this was the last resort, don't judge us lol). Well big mistake, while it definitely stopped him from crying but he never went back to sleep. Two hours later, I woke up hearing the TV noises I asked my Hubby to shut the TV off and put this little munchkin to sleep!

Hopefully tonight will be a little better for us. Crossing my fingers!

Monday, July 11, 2011

New post... new look

OMG, it's been 3 months since the last time I posted. I'm such a terrible blogger. I apologize to my readers IF I still have some left. LOL As you may have noticed, my blog has a new look. My amazing little sister designed it just for me... maybe giving me a hint to update my blog. Well it worked! I'm updating as we speak! Since my absence to the blogging world, so much things to share. So HOPEFULLY I can start blogging on a daily (crossing my fingers that I don't get lazy). Here are a few things I plan to update with you all:

Hawaii vacation/Sissy's amazing wedding
1.5 Year old being happy as can be
Out with the old, in with the new home
Process of designing my bedroom
New recipes
pictures, pictures & more pictures

So stay tuned...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Everyday look

I'm definitely no way near a makeup expert as I leave that to many of the youtube makeup gurus but I do love to get glamorous on occasion. On a typical day though, I like to wear more of a natural look. I often think of makeup as an enhancement to your face, it should add the right amount of touch to complete your look. Here are a few makeup products that are my go to on a regular day out or perhaps a night out to dinner...

1. Mac Brush 116 - I use this brush to apply almost everything on my face from powder to blush 2. MAC mineralize skin finish natural in medium plus - a very light & sheer powder, it's so natural and doesn't leave a cakey feel (absolute no no) 3. Mac Paint - I use this as my eyelid primer which doesn't leave any creases 4. Mac Ricepaper - This is an amazing eyebrow highlighter 5. Mac Expensive Pink - my all time favorite go to eye shadow 6. Shu uemura eye lash curler - I can't use anything else, this does wonders to the lashes 7. Benefit Bad Gal mascara - one word amazing 8. Nars Deep Throat blush - my current love (similar to Orgasm but without the gold shimmer) 9. Stila Lip Glaze in Papaya - natural, sheer lip gloss that looks perfect on any lipstick

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reservations checked!

If I haven't bragged enough in my last two posts, I'm sorry but I'm doing it again. This time a whole post dedicated to bragging about us going on a family vacation to Paradise. Sorry, I can't help it, every part of my body is pouring excitement and did I mention that I desperately needed this vacation? Also did I fail to mention that this vacation was almost denied twice by my manager?! Well thankfully I was approved for 10 days of pure relaxation, eating to my heart's content, and just enjoying my time with my two loves aka my king and prince.

Other than booking our flights from Hawaiian Airlines which we did back in December, our next biggest thing to tackle was finding a hotel. The rates for rooms on the beach is insanely expensive this year and found the lowest price at $209 per night. That may not sound too shabby, but imagine staying for more than a week, to some people that's already their monthly mortgage. I've even came to a decision that we should stay at a condo just a few blocks from the beach, but my heart kept telling me it's just not the same. Thankfully, my sis was able to get a group discount for her wedding guests, although it was still pricey, it sounded better than $200+ a night. I am excited to say that we booked our room at the beautiful grounds of Hilton Hawaiian Village, nothing but the best on Oahu (IMHO). We've stayed here for the past 4 visits to Hawaii including the time I got married and we absolutely love it. You never have to leave the grounds! The resort even has wild animals, wild meaning penguins, flamingos, abundance of huge koi fishes and so much more. Check it out for yourself...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Obsessed much?

Okay, for the past month, if you haven't noticed for the people who's been following me on Twitter, that I've been stuck on beauty products. Not too mentioned that I've been wasting all of my time on YouTube watching makeup gurus to see what's the hottest thing at the moment. Well people, this current obsession of mine has taken on a whole new level (my hubby thinks I'm insane). Last week was all about eye shadows, and I was immediately drawn to the Urban Decay Naked Palette. Oh em gee, all those colors looked gorgeous and so natural (my absolute favorite type to wear btw) and I had to get my hands on it!

Well dolls, it wasn't that easy! I thought I can easily get it at Sephora, but every store 50 miles out from my city was literally sold out. According to the sales lady, "Don't even bother getting on the list, too many people is on it, and basically it's first come first serve." Okay, I didn't panic, I told myself I will search online. Well it turns out, it's sold out online as well, and the only place I can find it was at Ebay, of course almost selling the double price. No thank you!

So I decided to wait it out and hopefully I will have it before I leave on my vacay. Well what do you know, being a little bad girl, I decided to call in sick on a typical Tuesday and decided to go to the Valley Fair Mall. Well, this story gets quite interesting. I happened to stop at Macy's to exchange a shirt size for Max (if anyone knows me, I hate Macy's and refuse to go there, and practically never step foot in that department store. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with Macy's but plastic shopping bags? C'mon now!). Well on the way out, guess what I see on the shelf at Urban Decay??? Two last palette's left and yes, I finally got my hands on one! I was beyond excited!

The first palettes came out with the 24/7 gliding brush and the cost was about $44, but the one I bought has the eye shadow brush and price increased to $48. I probably didn't need another brush but hey, the brush alone is $26, so I'm definitely getting a great deal on this palette. This set also comes with a primer potion. Ok, enough of my long rant, see for yourself...
Of course this picture just not do any justice, once I open the package, I will take real photos of the palette and update this blog. For now, it will have to be from their website. You can click on the picture to enlarge it to have a better idea on how beautiful the colors look.

Never too late..

To give an update! Whoa! Shame on me that my last blog post was back in the beginning of January. If you noticed, I've had a very busy February.

Here is a quick update:

My baby boy turned one in February and his first birthday kept me quite busy for the past 3 weeks. Although I was ecstatic to plan the event, I'm quite relieved its over. One word: stressful!

Not only I had my lil bubba's big party to plan, but the next weekend I had to figure out what to do for my hubby's birthday. (With minor hurdles and bumps such as the restaurant not having our reservation, we were able to once again enjoy the company of our family and friends, and my husband got pretty chocolate wasted.) LOL

With my grandparents coming back to the US, and all the other little events here and there, I managed to once again to neglect my blog. Hopefully, I can start to blog more often especially after I purchase my DSLR camera for our big trip to Hawaii.

I've been on the hunt for new spring/summer pieces for my Hawaii trip and new cosmetic products (moderate to affordable prices) that I bought and will buy for my trip and for the upcoming spring and summer season. I can't wait to blog about these amazing findings.

Last but not least, did I mention that we're heading over to Hawaii for my sister's wedding and my hubby & I's 2 year wedding anniversary? Pretty stoked, I might add!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New year new start

I think it's always a nice thing to start the New Year with some kind of resolution. I had an amazing 2010! I hope 2011 is even more fabulous! I came up with my list that I hope to all accomplish.

Lose these 20 stubborn pounds by May! (This is a must or else I won't have a bridesmaid dress...well not necessarily but this is what I keep telling myself. haha)

Finish our event planning website!

I need to start working out. Flabby & jiggly arms are so not cute...

I need to find more dinner recipes as opposed to always cooking frozen foods.

I need to learn to be much more patient and stop being so demanding and controlling.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

11 months to be exact

Now that I am now an IPhone user (always been with Blackberry) I just never realized what all the hype was about until I was introduced to the "App store." I then began to finally come to conclusion how innovative this phone actually is. I am currently writing this blog on my phone, how cool right? More posts soon to follow! Thank you iPhone!

Back to the title, this post is all about my little bubba turning 11 months, which means 1 more months till he turns 1. I must admit, I'm feeling a little sad, everyday I can see the changes in him. He's getting so heavy that I can only hold him for so long (I'm petite). He has 2 sets of teeth on top and 2 sets at the bottom. He can stand up on his own and crawls and puts everything in his mouth (his favorite are rubber flip flops - eww I know). He absolutely loves watching Little Einstein and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

I cannot wait to see what else is in store for us. Here is a little clip of my lil baby soon to be toddler...