Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sweetest obsession

For anyone who knows me, knows that I have a huge obsession for all things sweet, thus my love for baking. I have the sweetest palette and my weight definitely shows that! LOL Sorry but I always leave room for dessert no matter how full I am. I have the biggest sweet tooth and I guess you can say that's why I have the biggest passion for baking and designing dessert bars. I would love to share my absolute favorite desserts with you so you can see what my obsession is all about. Enjoy!

1. Sprinkles Cupcake - My ALL time favorite cupcakes. I can live off these babies, it's worth the hype and then some. You gotta try the banana, red velvet and mocha! Beyond scrumptious!
2. Molly Moon's of Seattle, WA - Coffee and maple walnut had us coming back for more! Literally... twice in one day!
3. Paulette's Macarons in Beverly Hills, CA - I'm so sad that the one in SF is no longer Paulette. They had the best chocolate, pistachio & raspberry just to name a few. $20 for a dozen sounds pricey but every bite is worth it.
4. Peter's Bakery in San Jose, CA - My favorite cake hands down. Light and not too sweet.
5. Anthony's Cookies in SF, CA - I haven't tried a cookie that wasn't good. LOVE this place!
6. Waoila Shave Ice in Oahu, HI - I can't get over how refreshing their azuki bowl is. I searched far and wide in Ca for something similar but nothing comes close.
7. Tapioca Express in Union City, CA - My absolute favorite of them all. No matter how cold or how hot the weather is, I'm always down for a milk tea boba. It doesn't hurt that it's only a couple of minutes away. =)

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