Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Best things in life

I was inspired by reading LC's blog about the best things in her life, and I love reading these little things that makes other people happy. So why not make a list of mine... =)

1. Waking up next to my two loves (hubby and son for those who don't know me personally) hehe
2. Finding fabulous sales and when you get to the register it's marked off even more
3. Fall season which means yummy Starbucks lattes and the smell of pumpkin goodies
4. Laughing till you cry and almost peeing in your pants LOL
5. Tapioca Express (boba drink) on a hot day
6. Catching up on The Real Housewives or my reality shows while the baby is finally off to bed (guilty pleasure)
7. The sound of rain when you're tucked in bed
8. Sprinkles cupcakes
9. Reaching your destination on the plane for a paradise vacay
10. When family gets together right before a big party you're planning

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