Saturday, July 16, 2011

Terrible nights...

The past two nights has been awful for the hubs and I. My 17 month old has not been feeling himself needless to say he's been feeling horrible. He's been waking up from a cough and congestion and been uncontrollably crying. The night before, he even vomited all over himself, it was not a pretty sight. My eye bags are probably in full effect as I type!

Last night was even worse, he woke up and cried and coughed his lungs out. We tried everything to calm him down but it seemed like he would get aggravated even more. At one point, he was even pretending to cough to get our attention and of course crying at the same time. To calm him down my Hubby turned on the TV and put on his favorite shows (we tried everything and even giving him a bottle so this was the last resort, don't judge us lol). Well big mistake, while it definitely stopped him from crying but he never went back to sleep. Two hours later, I woke up hearing the TV noises I asked my Hubby to shut the TV off and put this little munchkin to sleep!

Hopefully tonight will be a little better for us. Crossing my fingers!

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